Nora adame

(Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1970)

It resides in the city of Puebla since 1991, Plastic artist Y designer Mexican with a partial training in plastic arts ( UDLAP), has been dedicated to artistic production since 1995, has developed an exploration plastic - textile, as well as in the management and development of projects such as the handbag brand Basbag (2010 - 2017), made from recycled materials, such as leather, fabric and industrial plastics.
In 2006 he produced the series "Portraits" made with Textile Labels. He has re-elaborated various iconic images in
pop culture as , Marilyn Monroe, Che, Emiliano Zapata, Carlos Salinas, Elvis Presley, and a long list of characters from the 20th century, which have undoubtedly had an importance as public and representative figures. The portraits series has been exhibited collectively and individually both in Mexico and abroad.
Founding studio NAO (2012) collaborative project with Mexican artist Alejandro Osorio and La Galería Mercado Negro (2014), exhibition space, sale and training of
collectors, which has generated various specialized samples.
They have been working under this dynamic since 2012 and have exhibited as a study in the
galleries of the municipal palace of Puebla, in the MN Contemporary Gallery in Cuernavaca with whom they work since 2014 and recently in the Gallery "Lazcarro" In the city of Puebla, in addition to several group exhibitions, they also obtained an honorable mention in the VI International Prize for Visual Art, Cortes de Cádiz in Spain.
He currently works under the same industrial warehouse located in the city of San Andrés Cholula, his 4 projects at the same time, Taller de obra y de NAO, Basbag and the Mercado Negro Art Gallery.